Thursday, March 17, 2011

Download final fantasy XIV How to install final fantasy

Download final fantasy XIV

You can vist here to download Final Fantasy XIV or Copy the following link to your web browser address bar

How to install final fantasy

Insert the FINAL FANTASY XIV disc and wait for the language selection screen to appear. Now select the language for the installer (please note that this will also set the in-game language, but you can change this setting at any time using the config tool).

- If you have disabled AutoRun, the installer menu will not be displayed automatically. To start the installer manually, go to My Computer, open the DVD drive, and run the file marked ffxivsetup.exe.

- A User Account Control window may appear for computers running on Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 operating system. Select Yes to continue.

- Run the installer as a user with administrator rights. You may be asked for an administrator password when using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

- Selecting an installer language that differs from your OS language may result in corrupted text in the installer tool.


  1.  Setup

  After selecting a language, the InstallShield Wizard will prepare the files for installation. Click Next to continue.

 2. Software License Agreement

  The FINAL FANTASY XIV license agreement will now be displayed. After reading through the license agreement, select the appropriate option if you accept the terms, then click on Next.

  3. Choose Destination Location

  Select a location to install the game data. If you wish to choose a different location, select Browse and designate a new destination folder. Once you have chosen a destination folder, click on Next.

- You must have more than 15 GB of space available on the drive you select for installation.
- It is possible that the specifications noted above are not current. For the latest information, please visit here.
- Double-byte characters cannot be used in the destination folder name.

  4. Start Copying Files

  Click Next to begin copying the program files to your computer. The amount of time this process takes will depend on your computer’s specifications and settings.

  5. Complete Installation

  Make sure the Create a Shortcut box is checked if you wish to create a shortcut on your desktop, and then click Finish.

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